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Here are some of the most common questions that we hear:

Q: How long is the loan?

A: We do loans to your payday or up to 14 days. If you get paid once a month we will loan to your payday.

Q: What do I need to get a Loan?

A: ID, Blank Check and if you have a current paystub, phone bill or bank statement it does help move the verification process along and could qualify you for a larger loan.

Q:  If I work for a temp service can I still get a loan?

A: No, you have to be employed full time, permanent for at least 3 months. We do make exceptions but it has to be approved by a DM.

Q: If I have 2 part time jobs does that qualify me for a loan?

A: No, you have to be employed full time permanent, but with managers approval you could possibly qualify for a loan.

Q: I get social security for my kids or child support for my kids, does this qualify me for a loan?

A: No, that is not your income it is your child’s income so we ar

e not able to use it.

Q: If I have out a loan can I take out another one if I need more money?

A: No, you can only have out one loan at a time. You would have to pay off the 1st loan , then if you qualify you can take out another loan.

Q: Is there a penalty for paying the loan off early?

A: No there is not a penalty but you will save interest when you pay off early.

Q: Is there a penalty for letting the check go to the bank instead of picking it up?

A: No, there is not penalty but if you pick up your check on or before your due date, there is no waiting time to do another loan. You can re-loan the same day.

Q: Is there a limit to how many loans I can take out in a year?

A: No, there is no limit to how many loans you can take out.

Q: If I have a loan out at your sister store am I still allowed to have a loan with you?

A: As long as we do not know about the other loan and you do not have a debt with our sister store you can have a loan out with us.

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